Babayev Tagi Yusif oglu

Chief engineer, sound technician

Babayev Tagı Yusif oglu was born in 1949. He studied at the faculty of Electrotechnology of the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute in 1966-1972. Since 1967 he had worked at the “Azerbaijanfilm” film studio in the capacity of technician of sound recording department, and the chief engineer at the controlling and measuring laboratory of the same department having graduated from the Institute. After his military service in 1974-75, he had worked in the capacity of Chief of the Sound Recording Department since 1975, and since 1980 Technical Deputy Director of the “Azerbaijanfilm” film studio. At various periods he worked as Chief of Technical Control Department, Chief of Production Department, Production and Finance Deputy Director, Chief of Technical Service and since 2001 he has worked as Chief Engineer of the film studio.
Tagı Babayev had worked sound technician in many films. His activity was appreciated by the state and in 2006 he was awarded the title of Honoured Cultural Worker of Azerbaijan Republic.