Anvar Abluch | 70th jubilee

‘Azerbaijanfilm’ Studio named after Jafar Jabbarly hosted an event dedicated to talented representative of Azerbaijan culture and national cinema, film director, screenwriter, actor, beloved son of nation, Honored Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Anvar Abluch’s 70th jubilee.


Anvar Abluch dedicated 40 years of his life to Azerbaijan cinema and directed the numerous interesting films, such as ‘Firangiz’, ‘Knights of Black Lake’, ‘My the Only One’, ‘The Window’, ‘The Rider on the White Horse’, ‘The World Upside Down’. He is the author of couple of stories for ‘Mozalan’ satirical film magazine and ‘The Bridge’ documentary film. The films that he directed are considering as great contribution into our culture.

As actor, Anvar Abluch skillfully dubbed the films ‘Tehran - 43’, ‘The Devil in Front of Eyes’, ‘Siberiade’, ‘Firangiz’ and lots of others. These films gained their rightful places in the history of Azerbaijan cinema.

Once again, on behalf of ‘Azerbaijanfilm’ Studio, we congratulate Anvar Abluch on his 70th birthday; wish him good health and best of luck in his future endeavors.