The Lesson | Dhaka International Film Festival

‘The Lesson’ by Rafig Aliyev and Javid Tavakkul has been selected to screen in ‘Children Film Session’ of the 15th Dhaka International Film Festival. The festival will take place on January 12-20 in Dhaka (Bangladesh).

The Lesson | Dhaka International Film Festival

The feature film was produced by ‘Azerbaijanfilm’ Studio named after Jafar Jabbarly, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

‘The Lesson’ premiered internationally at the 34th Munich Film Festival in Germany.

The film won the Best Film award in ‘KinoMaliShok’ program of the 25th ‘Kinoshock’ International Film Festival in Russia. ‘The Lesson’ also won the ‘Golden Listapadzik’ award of the 23rd Minsk International Film Festival ‘Listapad’ in Belarus.

It also has been screened in competition section of the 5th Delhi International Film Festival in India.

Written by: Elza Aghayeva and Anastasia Volkova

Directed by: Rafig Aliyev and Javid Tavakkul

Director of photography: Rauf Gurbanaliyev

Production designer: Fikrat Alakbarov

Music by: Tunzala Aghayeva

Executive producer: Vusal Abbasov

Producer: Mushfig Hatamov.

Starring: Tamerlan Aghayev, Aliya Aliyeva, Rashid Aliyev, Ayna Zarbaliyeva, Nazim Ibrahimov, Mansura Ahmadova and others.