Props and costumes

Props and costumes 



Head of the department: Mammadov Aziz

Contact phones: + (99412) 430-87-85

Fax: + (99412) 430-87-85


"Azerbaijanfilm" studio has a very rich collection of props and costumes for film shootings.



Capabilities of the Props department allow the pavilions of all nature (historical, modern, etc.) and all sorts of complexity to fit and decorate the areas intended for placement in any interior or exterior facility.

In addition to artistic full-length films, the department is also involved in TV series, music clips, commercials, TV shows, cultural events, presentations, exhibitions by providing set building and decorating services of interior or exterior spaces.


Types of props and costumes:

  1. Historical furniture (XII-XX centuries);
  2. Items, cupboards, candlesticks, services;
  3. Historical, national military items (Europe, East, Azerbaijan) - (Strap, Taffeta, shields, swords, braces, helmets);
  4. Boxes, benches;
  5. Carriages (European, National)
  6. Military balls (property);
  7. Drawings or paintings (historical and modern);
  8. Saddlebags and carpets, bolster pillows and pillows;
  9. Phaeton carriage - "One Thousand and One Nights".





The rent is reduced by 10% on a discount basis when the rental costs are 500 to 1000 manats, 20% when 1000 manats and up to 5000 manats, 30% when 5000 and

10000, and 50% when 10000 and 10000.


For a long term, i.e. for a period of three months or more, and also for a wide range of costumes and props for films and projects, the rental fee per 1 month period will be considered as a daily rental fee.

Renting up to 3-5 props and costumes for per day is calculated at the rate of one penny. When hiring 5 items or up to 25 items of clothing or props, the cost of the rent is counted in the 3rd category and the rental fee is calculated by 50% discount. The clothing and props should be returned without any damage. Otherwise, it should be restored and replaced by the item or clothing appropriate to the replacement. In case of non-repayment, the sum of the cost of the costume or the prop 10 times its real value must be paid back to the film studio. During the loss or damage of the exclusive items, the sum of the cost of the item up to 30 times its real value must be paid.

For the lease of the clothing and the props at the "Azerbaijanfilm" movie studio, you must first apply to the film studio "Azerbaijanfilm" after being registered. It is important to submit identity card during transfer. Leased clothes and items should be returned at agreed time. Otherwise, it is important to pay the rental fee in accordance with the price table of the unspecified dates.




The Pre-production Department renders the cost of clothing and props in their arsenal to the following categories:

1st category - "Fairly good"

Constantly used props and costumes - the dresses of the extras or background actors (National, European).

2nd category - "Good"

Often used but saved their good conditions historical and modern clothing and props (National, European).

3rd category - "Excellent"

Rarely used and saved their excellent conditions and material values, contemporary props (National, European) and costumes.

The 4th category - "Exclusive"


Original props and costumes (National, European) of the famous Azerbaijani feature films as "Magical Cloak", "The Secret of a Fortress" etc.