Set building

Set building



Construction and decoration of the film sets is carried out by the Decorative- Technical Building department.

The facilities of the Decorative-Technical Building department enable the construction of sets of any character (historical, modern, etc.) and any complexity intended to be placed in the studios of "Azeraijanfilm" and in any indoor or outdoor spaces. The department can also construct decorations for film sets.


In addition to full-length feature film set building, the department also provides set building and decoration services for TV series, music clips, commercials, TV shows, cultural events, exhibitions and so on.

The sets that the film studio creates and installs includes the application of effects required by the customer, in other words, old looking, modern, fantastic or surreal spaces with or without national elements.



Head of Department: Rafig Nasirov



Tel / fax: + (99412) 430 87 85

Mob: + (99450) 215 26 90





Set building and construction of decorations such as:

Interior sets and decors (rooms, offices, cabinets, corridors, etc.)

Landscape decorations (city and village streets, squares, garden houses, etc.)

Specific sets (railway carriages, boats, airplanes, spacecraft, etc.)

Preparation of models

Painting Drapery Carpentry work Prop making

Installation of lighting equipment in the sets.