Decorative-technical constructions workshop of the “Azerbaijanfilm” cinema studio carries out the constructions and installations of the decorations for shootings.
Workshop’s resources allow for construction of decorations to be placed in the closed area or nature objects regardless of the character (historical, modern and so on.) and complexity. Workshop is also capable of implementing some composition works in the constructed decorations.
Besides full movies, workshop does preparation and installation of decorations for soap operas, ad clips, television programs, cultural events, presentation ceremonies, exhibitions and so on.
In the decorations constructed by the cinema studio, relevant conditions are created for the customers, that’s from artificially outdated to fantastic and non-real, various national and geographical flavour.

Shop manager: Nasirov Rafig
Contact tel: +(99412) 430-87-85;
Fax:  +(99412) 430-87-85
Types of services:
Construction of decorations
Interior decorations (rooms, offices, cabinets, corridors and so on.)
Landscape decorations (town and village roads, squares, country-house and so on)
Special decorations (train carriage, ship, airplane, space shuttle and so on.)
Layout preparations
Painting works
Carpentry works
Property master works
Installation of racks for installation of lights