While shooting a film pyrotechnical effects are of primary importance. This work is implemented by the pyrotechnical shop of the film studio.
Professional potential of pyrotechnical shop of the film studio allows to make imitation of all kinds of effects that can take place during a warfare -  explosions, fire, firing,  shooting that hits a man or the surrounings, etc. The professionalism and experience of employees guarantees implementation of such imitation without  inflicting any injury and harm to actors and crew.
Along with full-length  feature films, the shop provides pyrotechnical services (salutes, fountains, smoke, etc.)  for televison serials, music clips, film previews, television broadcasts, cultural and mass events, presentation ceremonies,  exhibitions, etc.

Shop manager: Alibala Mammadov
Contact tel: +(99412) 430-87-85; Mob: +(99450) 377-63-96
Fax:  +(99412) 430-87-85
Imitation of explosion of an aerial bomb, mortar, grenade, etc.;
Explosion with stuntmen involvement;
Men’s being hit by a bullet;
Bullets’ hitting the surroundings: a tree, wall, land, etc.;
Spread of smoke;
Fires of various origin;
Burning of technical objects;
Other various effects;
Various pyrotechnical effects: salutes, fountains, smoke, etc.