Pyrotechnics and military weapons

 Pyrotechnics and military weapons



Pyrotechnic effects are often used for filming and it is being provided by Pyrotechnics department of "Azerbaijanfilm" studio.

The professionals of the Pyrotechnics department of "Azerbaijanfilm" are mastered to create combat scenes considering the kinds of explosions, fire, shooting etc. belong to different periods. Thanks to the high professionalism of pyrotechnics specialists the realization of these technical effects are done under the strict health and safety rules which can guarantee harmless circumstances in the set for cast and crew members. The Pyrotechnics department of "Azerbaijanfilm" has been involved in the production of hundreds of films, including foreign films.

In addition to supplying feature films with pyrotechnics, TV series, music clips, commercials, TV shows, as well as various stylish cultural events, presentations, exhibitions etc. are also being provided with pyrotechnical items like fireworks, smoke and so on. by Pyrotechnics department of "Azerbaijanfilm".



Head of the Department: Alibala Mammadov



Tel: + (99412) 430-87-85

Mob: + (99450) 377-63-96

Fax: + (99412) 430-87-85





Imitation of explosions of air-bombs, mines, grenades and so on. Explosions with stunt performers

Gun shooting to humans

Gun shooting to different subjects like wood, wall, ground and so on. Spreading smoke or haze

Different types of flames


Burning of technical objects

Different pyrotechnical effects: fireworks, smoke and so on.